DIY Feather hair accessory

I wore this hair accessory on new year’s eve.
You can check it out  here.


Do you like it ? You can make the same by following these easy steps :

  • First : gather the supplies. hair clip supplies
  1. A hair comb
  2. scissors
  3. a glue gun
  4. feathers
  5. golden braided leather band
  6. some pearls
  • Second : start gluing voila diy hair clip
I started by gluing the feathers then cut off the excess.
After this I put some glue on top of the feathers and glued my bands.
Then since it wasn’t so pretty from the bottom I had to add some pearls to finish it off.
  • Third : wear it
wear it

And that’s it you have yourself a pretty hair accessory.

I used what I had, you can get creative and make other ones with fun designs. And don’t forget to send me pictures I would love to see them.

Kisseskiss mark

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