Argan Oil

Argan oil Part 1: for hair

I lived in Agadir for 3 years for my studies. It’s a beautiful coastal city in the south known for it’s all year round great weather and its beautiful beaches. But most of all it is known for producing Argan, Agadir is the capital of the only region where the Argan tree can grow.

I enjoyed my stay there, and I managed when I was not too occupied with my studies to get to know from women how they use this plant for their beauty.

Facts about Argan :
– The useful part of it is the nut and more specifically the kernel
nut fruit argan
– the kernel is either roasted and pressed to make oil for food purposes, people from the region  eat it at breakfast with bread and tea or to make Amlou , I call it the moroccan nutella (yummy) it’s basically grounded almonds mixed with Argan oil and honey.
– For cosmetic uses the Kernel is not roasted before extracting the oil, traditionally this oil is used  as  a skin protection for new-born babies.

– what’s left of the extraction is also used either for feeding animals or in hammam as scrubs and hair masks.


This first part of my Argan post I’ll be talking about how to use Argan oil for hair.

Against frizzy and dull hair : 

I’ve suffered for a long time with frizz and hair that wouldn’t be tamed. When I moved to Agadir the humid weather didn’t make it any better, but the good part was that I found my cure in that city . I used Argan oil.
Just As you would use an oil treatment, cover your locks with Argan oil and wrap it in a scarf let it sit over night. while you’re sleeping the oil will achieve miracles for you. In do morning wash your hair as you  normally would, and that’s it your hair will be silky smooth frizz free and luminous.
See my Hot! oil treatment for curly hair I used Argan oil in it.

Against hair loss and to boost hair growth:

Argan oil is a rich source of vitamin E, essential for boosting hair growth. all you’ll need to do is massage your scalp with Argan oil 30 min  before every shower. the massaging will stimulate blood circulation and the Argan oil will supply your scalp with vitamin E.

Repair Split ends :

I’ve seen a tremendous effect on my split ends after smoothing the smallest amount of Argan oil on my ends on damp hair (after a shower), it’s not greasy so there is no chance of your hair looking oily after it’s dry. this will only disguise the split ends you already have but it will prevent more damage, and it doubles as a leave-in  conditioner as it has great moisturizing properties.

Heat protectant:

I don’t use heat on my hair that often, only on very special occasions ( my wedding, graduation party …).  The reason why I dread using heat on my hair is a trip to the hair dresser that left me with simply burned hair, the smell didn’t want to go away even after several showers. ( Bad experience)

But if you do use heat on your hair, Argan oil has a high smoke point and carotenoids which will act as both a heat protectant and a UV block from sun radiation.

Argan oil is one of mother natures miracles, next week I’ll write about it’s amazing benefits for skin and how I usually use it.

See you next week XOXO.
kiss mark

8 thoughts on “Argan oil Part 1: for hair”

    1. If you are interested in investing I would recommend going to a cooperative in the region of Agadir and getting a deal with the ladies that make Argan oil, they have the purest one and you can choose between hand made or industrial production, the cooperatives were introduced there to empower women and help the villages open up to the wide world.
      This is the union of Argan cooperative maybe you can contact them


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