Thrift Style Thursday : Pinspired New Year

Hello everyone,

This weeks theme at Thrift Style Thursday is Pinspired New year, this is a great theme Idea and I have to thank Adrea for it , Pinterest has been an undeniably big part of my life recently, an endless drive of inspiration, to me and to many others. I’m a very visual person I tend to remember colors images and shapes, so when I discovered pinterest some years ago it was the perfect platform for me.

And talking about color I have a board where I pin all color combos that I like or any image that inspires either outfits or decor or even DIY color projects .
For this weeks theme I reached for that board and I had this beautiful pin of hot pink and navy combo just staring at me and the perfect outfit to portray it.

pinspired outfitpinspired outfit 3

Wardrobe resolution:

You know that problem we always have : nothing to wear but no place in your closet, I always end up putting myself in this position, I’m a hardcore thrifter I literally can’t say no to a good piece of clothing, and I thrift for such a long time that I have huge amounts of clothes, and I buy of everything ; if I  find it cool, pretty trippy … anything goes as long as it’s interesting ! But unfortunately one can only wear a certain amount of clothes everyday; this is why I have these two wardrobe resolutions:

  1.  Le ménage par le vide :(hahaha Google translation gave me household vacuum :P) but really what it means is just that I’m going to clean by emptying -> give away some of my clothes, I need this because I’m moving to Germany in February and I’ll be restricted in weight big time so I need to sort out my wardrobe and give away some of my dear clothes (tears) I’m also going to try this concept here that seems really interesting I’ll tell you guys how it goes.
  2.  Experiment more styles: I said I thrift of everything and this includes styles that are not really mine. This today for example isn’t something I would usually wear so I’m glad I’m participating it TST,  now that I know I can pull it off, I’m more keen to experiment and get out of my comfort zone, and finally pull out those old pieces that I never brought myself to wear.

outfit  pink polka

Polka dot dress thrifted it’s actually 2 size bigger than me.

Pink sweater thrifted ( found in the kid section).

Chunky necklace down town Rabat.

details pinspired outfit

Nude flats from the old Medina of Rabat, the local crafts men do wonders with leather.

pinspired detail 2

pinspired outfit  close up

So yeah this was my outfit how do you like it ? don’t forget to check out the other 9 members of the team, I bet they came up with some amazing thrifted outfits.
kiss mark





17 thoughts on “Thrift Style Thursday : Pinspired New Year”

  1. I think your haircut looks great 🙂 Your outfit reminds me of the 50s! That’s really cool that you found such different pieces and put them together so perfectly. Great job:)


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