Argan Oil

Argan Oil Part 2: for SKIN

As I promised last week when I wrote about Argan oil for hair , here is my post about Argan oil and skin.

You probably heard of the anti-aging properties this oil has, this is the reason they call it liquid gold, but it has also many other benefits on the skin.

Argan oils composition rich in Phytosterol which prevents skin aging,  essential fatty acids (omega 6 and 9) that repairs skin cells and expels harmful waste, Squalene which fights free radicals caused from sun exposure and Vitamine E that reduces the appearance of scaring and stretch marks, makes it just a unique and overall great oil for skin.

In short Argan oil can be used for:
– Moisturizing your skin .
– Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and preventing new ones.
– Treating flaky and dry skin.
– Control oil secretion and breakout.
– Fading acne scars.

– preventing Stretch marks.

 The beauty of Moroccan Hammam and why I like it so much is that you can see everyones beauty rituals and seek advice from women there.

I know Hammams are not such a common thing, but the advises stay valid after a hot shower or a relaxing bath.

So right after the bath they would use Argan oil as an all body moisturizer, even for their kids.

I’ve also seen a couple of pregnant women massaging it into their belly to prevent stretch marks.

Personally I use it as a night cream , after cleaning up my skin from all makeup traces and impurities i would dab my face and neck with two pumps of Argan oil , massage it a little bit (it feels great) and wash it off in the morning.

this daily treatment made my skin a lot better I even don’t break out as much as i used to, since my skin is all moisturized it doesn’t feel the need to produce excess sebum. Even though it’s an oil it’s not greasy and your skin absorbs it really well.


I also had when I was in Agadir a case of really dry lips, cracked so much that they would bleed, and a lady at the Souk (selling Argan) told me to put it on my lips and stay constantly adding some. First I taught she told me that just to sell her Argan ( 😛 ) but it really worked, my lips were ugly for some time but once they completely peeled out it revealed smooth and soft lips.

I hope this article was helpful, does anyone know of a beauty secret in their region?

See you guys next time XOXO

kiss mark


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