diy notebook featured

DIY notebook

A new year calls for calendars, notebooks and new office supplies.

So I personalized a notebook for 2015, it also makes cute gifts for every occasion, you can personalize it as you like there are no rules.

I used a notebook with white pages, I always felt like lined paper restricts me, so I tend to use this kind of notebooks.

the notebook


I also used a 1999 calendar from le Louvre that was just gathering dust, mom got it from a trip to Paris back in the day and kept it.

Louvre calendar


The paintings are so pretty, it makes me long for visiting the museum! I imagine it having a soothing feel to it like when you enter a church.

I fell in love with this one painting. So sad yet so peaceful, called “La jeune martyre”.

the painting la jeune martyre


So what I did was :


  1.  remove the spiral, just twist it off.
  2. glue the picture on some cardboard, I used mod podge, let it dry.
  3. Cut it to the originals cover size.
  4. Punch holes in your new cover using a perforator.
  5. insert the spiral back on the notebook including the cover.

And there you have it a new notebook ready to be used or gifted.

Did you ever go to the Louvre Museum ? I would love to know about how it is !

Hope you had a wonderful first month of 2015. See you next time with some fun DIY. XOXO

kiss mark



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