Outfit: Just chilling around town

hello everyone,

I’m leaving for Germany tomorrow, so it’s my last day here.

I had a walk around town and taught I’d share my outfit with you guys.

outfit chilling aroud townThe snood was hand made by mom (thank you mommy I wish i could knit like you !)

The leather jacket is from a local leather shop in Rabat.

As for the chambray shirt I got it from the thrift market in Agadir, dirt cheap!
The pants are thrifted too just basic black pants nothing special about them aside from the fact that I wear them a lot and that they fit perfectly.

outfit chilling around town

It’s the first time I leave the country, and I’m going to be gone for a long time, it’s a weird feeling, nostalgic already because I know I’m going to miss everyone that I’m leaving behind, excited because it’s a new beginning and,  finally, I get to be with my husband, I miss him more than I’d like to admit, nervous because with beginning comes unknown and that usually brings fear.

But beginnings and ends


kiss mark

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