Pimple Eraser


First happy valentines day everybody, how was it? I hope you had fun.

You know how after a long night partying and feeling great, you wake up and boom a huge breakout is sitting in the middle of your face.

If that’s the case I’ve got the perfect spot acne treatment for you guys.


This is the recipe :

  1. 3 crushed cloves
  2. a dab of honey
  3. a squeeze of lemon

mix it all together and put over your pimples. Leave it for 5 min or if you are more patient than me up to 15 min.

Rinse it off with cold water.

cloves contain eugenol, a natural antiseptic that helps clear acne. You can also use it as an over all face mask. Honey will act as a moisturizer and lemon is also a strong antiseptic and is a natural and soft way to bleach acne scars giving you a smooth and even complexion.

But seriously guys my pimple was barely there after I rinsed off the mixture.

It would be great for me to know if this little trick worked with you and how you like it . Do you have a  recipe? I would love to try them and get back to you with the results .


kiss mark


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