About me

about me

Facts about me :

  • I was born and raised in Morocco.
  • Newly married to the love of my life.
  • I believe in nature’s incredible resources.
  • I believe that everything can be used, reused or changed to be useful again.
Why am I writing :
  • Naturally pretty: I remember once, I was still a little girl, in a hammam I asked a Saharian lady why she was rubbing her skin with a lemon she said : ” Daughter anything that’s good for your body from the inside is probably good for the outside too.” I always believed that, of course I realized not everything but still nature held all the secrets to our inner and outer beauty so here I am writing about how to be naturally pretty.
  • Thrifting : This one is easy, because I love clothes especially cheap ones, cheap in price but not in quality ! Where can we find those? thrifting of course ! digging through second-hand ! And I mostly thrift I still splurge in a timeless peace that I can’t seem to find, but most of my clothes are thrifted or swapped with girlfriends.
  • DIYs : The joy of making something with you own hands is incomparable so I would like to share that, maybe I would bring some inspiration out there, and get some from you.

This is what blogging is for me sharing what we have with others, knowledge is priceless, and once you learn something it’s yours forever, so never stop learning I sure wont.kiss mark


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