Yet another DIY pearl bracelet


Hello everyone,

Today I have another fun and easy DIY for you, I know I haven’t been the most consistent blogger lately,  but I’m trying to find a balance, I will eventually.

For now here is the bracelet which I made using these ugly earrings I bought them cheap, just for the individual pieces it was made of.

hoop earings

And here are the supplies:


– Pearls, I had them from some old necklace that I took apart, I made another DIY with these pearls you can check it out here.

I always keep things like that in a box where I can just look for random items and probably find something, we all have that kind of box, right? It also helps me get creative.

– Fishing thread

– Scissors

– Super glue

– A couple of jump rings and a hook for closing the bracelet

The Steps:

  1. After I took the earrings apart, by just opening jump rings, I ended up having these three piles, and free hoops.the piles
  2. Start by securing your thread on a jump ring.
  3. Insert 6 gold simple beads.
  4. Add one of the beads that’s attached to a jump ring (dangling)
  5. Then continue inserting one pearl and one dangling bead until you reach the desired length.
  6. Insert 6 gold beads again.hook and an open jump ring
  7. Open a jump ring and add the hook, close it back and then attach it to your thread, secure.
  8. you could add a little charm, just for the cuteness.

Star charm

There you have it, a pretty little bracelet to layer with.

layering bracelets


Now I have one bracelet that I would actually wear and some left overs for other DIY s

Maybe this? Next weeks post probably, just keep a close watch and like this post if you want to see more like it.

 hoop earing DIY

Do you keep ugly or broken jewelry for future DIY? We call it “the orphanage box” don’t know why Germans call it Ramschkiste meaning “junk box”, how do u call It?

See you next time XOXO

kiss mark


Botanika, and some gardening

Hello everyone,

Last Saturday I was in the “Botanika” of Bremen the green science center, they set up a tropical environment in one of their rooms creating the perfect conditions for flower like orchids and colorful butterflies to strive.



orchidsThe experience was amazing! I felt like I was in a shower of beauty .

So I came out of there greedy for growing some beautiful plant, I already have some tulips that my husband got me, if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen them already, he got them as ready to grow bulbs, which I find really thoughtful I hate when plants just die at least now I get to see the whole process of life.

tulip bulbs

But I decided to completely fulfill my 2015 resolution and have a plant from scratch so I am seeding Calendula. You can read all about it here.

Here is the process:

1- Gather the supplies:



seeding supplies


    • Seeding pots, I used an egg box.
    • Some soil, I dug it up from the play ground next door.
    • A wooden stick
    • Seeds
    • A label

calendula seeds


1-Start the seeding :

After you fill up your box with soil, draw a whole just bellow the surface with the stick, add you seed and cover it up with soil.

seeding process




















Now, just give it a quick shower and let it sit on a warm place with as much light if possible.

I really enjoyed planting seeds and taking care of plants, it’s really calming for me, how do you like Gardening? What was your first Plant? Did it go well?

See you next time XOXO


















DIY Alum Stone deodorant

Hello everyone,

Today it’s all about armpits , I’ve been disappointed and mostly scared of all the deodorants there was, disappointed because they don’t do the job and scared because of all the harmful and wasteful ingredients in them.

So here I am with a DIY deodorant using alum stone. I made it a few weeks ago, and at some point, my mom and my best friend asked for a jar too, and I taught that you guys would love it to try.

But what is Alum Stone ? It is a natural crystal stone, it contains pure potassium alum mineral salts extracted from a natural quarry. Alum stone is known for its astringent and mildly antiseptic properties. So it will kill all the nasty bacteria that cause armpits to smell, it will also help heal any razor cuts and stop them from bleeding.

You can either use the stone itself by moistening it and applying it directly. Or you can follow this recipe that adds a nice smell with musk and coconut oil which has amazing moisturizing properties.

Why is it important to moisturize your armpits ? Because it’s a sensitive skin area that gets a rough treatment from all the razor shaving harsh chemicals, that result in it turning dark ( very unattractive ), Keeping them moisturized and exfoliating that area can prevent that problem.

I use musk because it’s natural and it smells great, but feel free to use essential oils .


What you need is :
  • An empty container ( I just used an old jar from some empty beauty product)
  • 1Ts alum stone powder
  • 1Ts coconut oil
  • 1ts of grated musk
deodorant ingrediants and steps
  1. Start with a clean and dry container .
  2. Add in the alum stone powder and the grated musk.
  3. After wards you want to melt your coconut oil in a bowl of warm water and add it into the mix.
  4. Mix all the ingredients together and let it harden.
deodorant final
How to use it ?
dip your fingers in the mixture and massage it into clean armpits after a shower.
It will keep you smelling nice and fresh until you next shower.
Did you ever use Alum stone? what purpose did you use it for ? And was it any good?

kiss mark

DIY notebook

A new year calls for calendars, notebooks and new office supplies.

So I personalized a notebook for 2015, it also makes cute gifts for every occasion, you can personalize it as you like there are no rules.

I used a notebook with white pages, I always felt like lined paper restricts me, so I tend to use this kind of notebooks.

the notebook


I also used a 1999 calendar from le Louvre that was just gathering dust, mom got it from a trip to Paris back in the day and kept it.

Louvre calendar


The paintings are so pretty, it makes me long for visiting the museum! I imagine it having a soothing feel to it like when you enter a church.

I fell in love with this one painting. So sad yet so peaceful, called “La jeune martyre”.

the painting la jeune martyre


So what I did was :


  1.  remove the spiral, just twist it off.
  2. glue the picture on some cardboard, I used mod podge, let it dry.
  3. Cut it to the originals cover size.
  4. Punch holes in your new cover using a perforator.
  5. insert the spiral back on the notebook including the cover.

And there you have it a new notebook ready to be used or gifted.

Did you ever go to the Louvre Museum ? I would love to know about how it is !

Hope you had a wonderful first month of 2015. See you next time with some fun DIY. XOXO

kiss mark



DIY Knitted Turban

Hello everyone !
I have a really fun DIY to show you guys. it’s easy for a beginner knitter like me.
I followed this pattern :
knitted turban pattern

The part that took me most time is making the body but I’m such a beginner that even something as simple as this takes me long time to do, but it’s still fun and such a pretty piece to keep my ears warm.

knitted turban final
What do you think about this ? I hope you like it !
until next time with another fun DIY .
XOXO. Mounia

kiss mark

DIY Feather hair accessory

I wore this hair accessory on new year’s eve.
You can check it out  here.


Do you like it ? You can make the same by following these easy steps :

  • First : gather the supplies. hair clip supplies
  1. A hair comb
  2. scissors
  3. a glue gun
  4. feathers
  5. golden braided leather band
  6. some pearls
  • Second : start gluing voila diy hair clip
I started by gluing the feathers then cut off the excess.
After this I put some glue on top of the feathers and glued my bands.
Then since it wasn’t so pretty from the bottom I had to add some pearls to finish it off.
  • Third : wear it
wear it

And that’s it you have yourself a pretty hair accessory.

I used what I had, you can get creative and make other ones with fun designs. And don’t forget to send me pictures I would love to see them.

Kisseskiss mark