Outfit: Just chilling around town

hello everyone,

I’m leaving for Germany tomorrow, so it’s my last day here.

I had a walk around town and taught I’d share my outfit with you guys.

outfit chilling aroud townThe snood was hand made by mom (thank you mommy I wish i could knit like you !)

The leather jacket is from a local leather shop in Rabat.

As for the chambray shirt I got it from the thrift market in Agadir, dirt cheap!
The pants are thrifted too just basic black pants nothing special about them aside from the fact that I wear them a lot and that they fit perfectly.

outfit chilling around town

It’s the first time I leave the country, and I’m going to be gone for a long time, it’s a weird feeling, nostalgic already because I know I’m going to miss everyone that I’m leaving behind, excited because it’s a new beginning and,  finally, I get to be with my husband, I miss him more than I’d like to admit, nervous because with beginning comes unknown and that usually brings fear.

But beginnings and ends


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Thrift Style Thursday : All about that Bass

Hello everyone,
This week’s Thrift Style Thursday is about pants, Brittany of Lipstick and Yarn is the host and she came up with this theme so we can showcase our favorite thrifted pants, I couldn’t dream of a better opportunity to talk about mine.
outfit boho pants and leather jacket TST
outfit boho pants and leather jacket
I thrifted these boho pants a few years ago , in summer, very light weight and fresh piece. But I feel like the dark color scheme makes it wearable even in fall or warmer winter, I know I wear this piece all year round, I just layer some warm leggings underneath.
thrifted outfit boho pants
I paired it with a simple black top (thrifted) , my black leather jacket , and those ankle boots that you’ve seen me wear over and over again, definitely a great deal.
outfit boho pants and leather jacket
thrifed outfit boho pants
What do you think of it? do you have a favorite clothing item that you would wear even out of season? Don’t forget to check the lovely ladies of Thrift Style Thursday and there favorite pants.

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The ultimate facial for acne prone skin

hello everyone,

Like every girl with oily and acne prone skin I’ve been trying different kinds of treatments for evening my skin tone, control break out and fade acne scars.

So far I’ve been sticking to this one facial that I do whenever I feel like pampering my self and deal with those issues.

This facial is on 4 steps:

Step 1 : The Mask

After cleansing my face or steam prepping  I put on this mask for 10 to 15 min and then wash it off with warm water.

For the mask you’ll need 1 table-spoon of brewer’s yeast and the juice of half a lemonmask lemon and yeast

lemon and yeast mix

why is this mask the best ?  yeast can externally help reduce acne and tighten and brighten the skin. In addition, because it is rich in vitamin B, brewer’s yeast is great at helping reduce wrinkles and restoring skin’s elasticity. As for lemon we all know it benefits from fading acne scars to its great antiseptic properties.

Step 2:  Honey face moisturizer 

honey facial moisturizer

I use honey as a moisturizer, any moisturizer would do but I like the extra benefits I get for my acne when using honey. As you might be aware of honey is very soothing and hydrating, it also has antibacterial properties and slightly bleaching effect making it great for acne and scaring.

I put it on my face and massage it a little bit and leave it on for another 10 min, then rinse it off .You can add it directly in the mask, I just find it more relaxing to use it this way.

Step 3: Toning 

rose toner


I use rose-water, I find it’s a very effective non chemical way to tighten pores , soothe the skin and balance the pH level, and it smells great.

I put a little bit on a cotton pad and just wipe my whole face with it. My skin always feels awake after I do this.

Step 4: Locking moisture

This is the last step I dab my face with Argan oil and call it a night. you can use the oil that suits you best, the idea is when you put oil it insures that moisture will stay in longer thus your skin will benefit from it more.

I do this facial at night and sleep with Argan oil on my face as a night cream, you can read my posts about it here and here.

My favorite part of this facial is honey its soothing and relaxing. What’s your favorite part? Do you have a routine that you enjoy and stick to ?

See you next time with another Natural beauty tip.


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DIY notebook

A new year calls for calendars, notebooks and new office supplies.

So I personalized a notebook for 2015, it also makes cute gifts for every occasion, you can personalize it as you like there are no rules.

I used a notebook with white pages, I always felt like lined paper restricts me, so I tend to use this kind of notebooks.

the notebook


I also used a 1999 calendar from le Louvre that was just gathering dust, mom got it from a trip to Paris back in the day and kept it.

Louvre calendar


The paintings are so pretty, it makes me long for visiting the museum! I imagine it having a soothing feel to it like when you enter a church.

I fell in love with this one painting. So sad yet so peaceful, called “La jeune martyre”.

the painting la jeune martyre


So what I did was :


  1.  remove the spiral, just twist it off.
  2. glue the picture on some cardboard, I used mod podge, let it dry.
  3. Cut it to the originals cover size.
  4. Punch holes in your new cover using a perforator.
  5. insert the spiral back on the notebook including the cover.

And there you have it a new notebook ready to be used or gifted.

Did you ever go to the Louvre Museum ? I would love to know about how it is !

Hope you had a wonderful first month of 2015. See you next time with some fun DIY. XOXO

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Argan Oil Part 2: for SKIN

As I promised last week when I wrote about Argan oil for hair , here is my post about Argan oil and skin.

You probably heard of the anti-aging properties this oil has, this is the reason they call it liquid gold, but it has also many other benefits on the skin.

Argan oils composition rich in Phytosterol which prevents skin aging,  essential fatty acids (omega 6 and 9) that repairs skin cells and expels harmful waste, Squalene which fights free radicals caused from sun exposure and Vitamine E that reduces the appearance of scaring and stretch marks, makes it just a unique and overall great oil for skin.

In short Argan oil can be used for:
– Moisturizing your skin .
– Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and preventing new ones.
– Treating flaky and dry skin.
– Control oil secretion and breakout.
– Fading acne scars.

– preventing Stretch marks.

 The beauty of Moroccan Hammam and why I like it so much is that you can see everyones beauty rituals and seek advice from women there.

I know Hammams are not such a common thing, but the advises stay valid after a hot shower or a relaxing bath.

So right after the bath they would use Argan oil as an all body moisturizer, even for their kids.

I’ve also seen a couple of pregnant women massaging it into their belly to prevent stretch marks.

Personally I use it as a night cream , after cleaning up my skin from all makeup traces and impurities i would dab my face and neck with two pumps of Argan oil , massage it a little bit (it feels great) and wash it off in the morning.

this daily treatment made my skin a lot better I even don’t break out as much as i used to, since my skin is all moisturized it doesn’t feel the need to produce excess sebum. Even though it’s an oil it’s not greasy and your skin absorbs it really well.


I also had when I was in Agadir a case of really dry lips, cracked so much that they would bleed, and a lady at the Souk (selling Argan) told me to put it on my lips and stay constantly adding some. First I taught she told me that just to sell her Argan ( 😛 ) but it really worked, my lips were ugly for some time but once they completely peeled out it revealed smooth and soft lips.

I hope this article was helpful, does anyone know of a beauty secret in their region?

See you guys next time XOXO

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Thrift Style Thursday : Pinspired New Year

Hello everyone,

This weeks theme at Thrift Style Thursday is Pinspired New year, this is a great theme Idea and I have to thank Adrea for it , Pinterest has been an undeniably big part of my life recently, an endless drive of inspiration, to me and to many others. I’m a very visual person I tend to remember colors images and shapes, so when I discovered pinterest some years ago it was the perfect platform for me.

And talking about color I have a board where I pin all color combos that I like or any image that inspires either outfits or decor or even DIY color projects .
For this weeks theme I reached for that board and I had this beautiful pin of hot pink and navy combo just staring at me and the perfect outfit to portray it.

pinspired outfitpinspired outfit 3

Wardrobe resolution:

You know that problem we always have : nothing to wear but no place in your closet, I always end up putting myself in this position, I’m a hardcore thrifter I literally can’t say no to a good piece of clothing, and I thrift for such a long time that I have huge amounts of clothes, and I buy of everything ; if I  find it cool, pretty trippy … anything goes as long as it’s interesting ! But unfortunately one can only wear a certain amount of clothes everyday; this is why I have these two wardrobe resolutions:

  1.  Le ménage par le vide :(hahaha Google translation gave me household vacuum :P) but really what it means is just that I’m going to clean by emptying -> give away some of my clothes, I need this because I’m moving to Germany in February and I’ll be restricted in weight big time so I need to sort out my wardrobe and give away some of my dear clothes (tears) I’m also going to try this concept here that seems really interesting I’ll tell you guys how it goes.
  2.  Experiment more styles: I said I thrift of everything and this includes styles that are not really mine. This today for example isn’t something I would usually wear so I’m glad I’m participating it TST,  now that I know I can pull it off, I’m more keen to experiment and get out of my comfort zone, and finally pull out those old pieces that I never brought myself to wear.

outfit  pink polka

Polka dot dress thrifted it’s actually 2 size bigger than me.

Pink sweater thrifted ( found in the kid section).

Chunky necklace down town Rabat.

details pinspired outfit

Nude flats from the old Medina of Rabat, the local crafts men do wonders with leather.

pinspired detail 2

pinspired outfit  close up

So yeah this was my outfit how do you like it ? don’t forget to check out the other 9 members of the team, I bet they came up with some amazing thrifted outfits.
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Outfit: In the woods

Hello everyone,

I went to the woods sometime ago, the weather was so nice I felt kind of nostalgic looking back at the pictures, and I taught I would share the green pictures and my outfit with you guys .

outfit in the woods

As usual nearly everything was thrifted .

My trusty brown ankle boot, that I am wearing a lot lately !

Blue jeans, thrifted them from Agadir and they fit perfectly, it’s actually quite hard to find a good pair of jeans that fit, it was a great deal.

Chunky sweater, thrifted.

Military like trench jacket, thrifted.

pinnable outfit 2

As a simple accessory I wore my New-Zealand hook, it was a birthday gift from my husband. My very first birthday of us together, he hand carved it himself back when he was in New-Zealand on blue jade.

It’s really dear to me, when he gave it to me he said that it was supposed to bring him home, so I’m holding on to it like a treasure.


How do you like my outfit? Are you just like me missing spring and sunshine ?

My next post will be on Thursday with Thrift Style Thursday, and the theme is really exciting “Pinspired New Year”, so see you then .


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