Yet another DIY pearl bracelet


Hello everyone,

Today I have another fun and easy DIY for you, I know I haven’t been the most consistent blogger lately,  but I’m trying to find a balance, I will eventually.

For now here is the bracelet which I made using these ugly earrings I bought them cheap, just for the individual pieces it was made of.

hoop earings

And here are the supplies:


– Pearls, I had them from some old necklace that I took apart, I made another DIY with these pearls you can check it out here.

I always keep things like that in a box where I can just look for random items and probably find something, we all have that kind of box, right? It also helps me get creative.

– Fishing thread

– Scissors

– Super glue

– A couple of jump rings and a hook for closing the bracelet

The Steps:

  1. After I took the earrings apart, by just opening jump rings, I ended up having these three piles, and free hoops.the piles
  2. Start by securing your thread on a jump ring.
  3. Insert 6 gold simple beads.
  4. Add one of the beads that’s attached to a jump ring (dangling)
  5. Then continue inserting one pearl and one dangling bead until you reach the desired length.
  6. Insert 6 gold beads again.hook and an open jump ring
  7. Open a jump ring and add the hook, close it back and then attach it to your thread, secure.
  8. you could add a little charm, just for the cuteness.

Star charm

There you have it, a pretty little bracelet to layer with.

layering bracelets


Now I have one bracelet that I would actually wear and some left overs for other DIY s

Maybe this? Next weeks post probably, just keep a close watch and like this post if you want to see more like it.

 hoop earing DIY

Do you keep ugly or broken jewelry for future DIY? We call it “the orphanage box” don’t know why Germans call it Ramschkiste meaning “junk box”, how do u call It?

See you next time XOXO

kiss mark