Botanika, and some gardening

Hello everyone,

Last Saturday I was in the “Botanika” of Bremen the green science center, they set up a tropical environment in one of their rooms creating the perfect conditions for flower like orchids and colorful butterflies to strive.



orchidsThe experience was amazing! I felt like I was in a shower of beauty .

So I came out of there greedy for growing some beautiful plant, I already have some tulips that my husband got me, if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen them already, he got them as ready to grow bulbs, which I find really thoughtful I hate when plants just die at least now I get to see the whole process of life.

tulip bulbs

But I decided to completely fulfill my 2015 resolution and have a plant from scratch so I am seeding Calendula. You can read all about it here.

Here is the process:

1- Gather the supplies:



seeding supplies


    • Seeding pots, I used an egg box.
    • Some soil, I dug it up from the play ground next door.
    • A wooden stick
    • Seeds
    • A label

calendula seeds


1-Start the seeding :

After you fill up your box with soil, draw a whole just bellow the surface with the stick, add you seed and cover it up with soil.

seeding process




















Now, just give it a quick shower and let it sit on a warm place with as much light if possible.

I really enjoyed planting seeds and taking care of plants, it’s really calming for me, how do you like Gardening? What was your first Plant? Did it go well?

See you next time XOXO