Thrift style Thursday: Marsala

Hello everyone,

Today is Thursday, as usual we have another challenge from of Thrift stylists, this time the host is Miche from Buttons and Birdcages.

The theme is : 2015 Pantone color Marsala,

Preparing this post was a mess because I just moved here, so practically all my clothes are back in Morocco. A good reason to go hunting for thrift clothes, I guess!

But it´s still fun to try and make the most of what I have, for the time being.

marsala outfit

I found this tunic, 2 weeks ago in a thrift shop of Rabat.

It’s really cold here so wearing only the tunic is out of the question, I layered underneath a black turtle neck, and a big thick snood.

As for the pants I’m wearing black leather like pants and my combat boots.


outfit marsala tunic

If anyone has a tip about where to thrift in Germany, I’d be forever grateful!

Don’t forget to check the beautiful thrifters in the links bellow.


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Thrift Style Thursday : Color Pop

Hello everyone,

Today is my first day in Germany and it’s also Thursday, so another theme from Thrift Style Thursday, this time the host is the Delightful Kristi with the theme Color Pop.

I prepared this post last week for this week’s theme, so the pictures were taken in Morocco.

red scarf pop of color

I used the handy trick, to have a pop of color in accessories.

A red scarf and red leg warmers, with a black sweater, dark gray leggings and black combat boots. The whole is thrifted except the sweater which is my brother’s.

outfit color pop

The scarf is one of my latest finds, it’s really warm and the print on it is a subtel coloreful geometric pattern, it comes off as red but it’s a great mixture of orange reds and pinks.

scarf close up

I think that even a hint of color can brighten up your day, especially in the gray weather. What’s your favorite way to add color to your outfit?

Don’t forget to check out the other thrifters for more looks. XOXO

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Outfit: Just chilling around town

hello everyone,

I’m leaving for Germany tomorrow, so it’s my last day here.

I had a walk around town and taught I’d share my outfit with you guys.

outfit chilling aroud townThe snood was hand made by mom (thank you mommy I wish i could knit like you !)

The leather jacket is from a local leather shop in Rabat.

As for the chambray shirt I got it from the thrift market in Agadir, dirt cheap!
The pants are thrifted too just basic black pants nothing special about them aside from the fact that I wear them a lot and that they fit perfectly.

outfit chilling around town

It’s the first time I leave the country, and I’m going to be gone for a long time, it’s a weird feeling, nostalgic already because I know I’m going to miss everyone that I’m leaving behind, excited because it’s a new beginning and,  finally, I get to be with my husband, I miss him more than I’d like to admit, nervous because with beginning comes unknown and that usually brings fear.

But beginnings and ends


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Thrift Style Thursday : Pinspired New Year

Hello everyone,

This weeks theme at Thrift Style Thursday is Pinspired New year, this is a great theme Idea and I have to thank Adrea for it , Pinterest has been an undeniably big part of my life recently, an endless drive of inspiration, to me and to many others. I’m a very visual person I tend to remember colors images and shapes, so when I discovered pinterest some years ago it was the perfect platform for me.

And talking about color I have a board where I pin all color combos that I like or any image that inspires either outfits or decor or even DIY color projects .
For this weeks theme I reached for that board and I had this beautiful pin of hot pink and navy combo just staring at me and the perfect outfit to portray it.

pinspired outfitpinspired outfit 3

Wardrobe resolution:

You know that problem we always have : nothing to wear but no place in your closet, I always end up putting myself in this position, I’m a hardcore thrifter I literally can’t say no to a good piece of clothing, and I thrift for such a long time that I have huge amounts of clothes, and I buy of everything ; if I  find it cool, pretty trippy … anything goes as long as it’s interesting ! But unfortunately one can only wear a certain amount of clothes everyday; this is why I have these two wardrobe resolutions:

  1.  Le ménage par le vide :(hahaha Google translation gave me household vacuum :P) but really what it means is just that I’m going to clean by emptying -> give away some of my clothes, I need this because I’m moving to Germany in February and I’ll be restricted in weight big time so I need to sort out my wardrobe and give away some of my dear clothes (tears) I’m also going to try this concept here that seems really interesting I’ll tell you guys how it goes.
  2.  Experiment more styles: I said I thrift of everything and this includes styles that are not really mine. This today for example isn’t something I would usually wear so I’m glad I’m participating it TST,  now that I know I can pull it off, I’m more keen to experiment and get out of my comfort zone, and finally pull out those old pieces that I never brought myself to wear.

outfit  pink polka

Polka dot dress thrifted it’s actually 2 size bigger than me.

Pink sweater thrifted ( found in the kid section).

Chunky necklace down town Rabat.

details pinspired outfit

Nude flats from the old Medina of Rabat, the local crafts men do wonders with leather.

pinspired detail 2

pinspired outfit  close up

So yeah this was my outfit how do you like it ? don’t forget to check out the other 9 members of the team, I bet they came up with some amazing thrifted outfits.
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Outfit: In the woods

Hello everyone,

I went to the woods sometime ago, the weather was so nice I felt kind of nostalgic looking back at the pictures, and I taught I would share the green pictures and my outfit with you guys .

outfit in the woods

As usual nearly everything was thrifted .

My trusty brown ankle boot, that I am wearing a lot lately !

Blue jeans, thrifted them from Agadir and they fit perfectly, it’s actually quite hard to find a good pair of jeans that fit, it was a great deal.

Chunky sweater, thrifted.

Military like trench jacket, thrifted.

pinnable outfit 2

As a simple accessory I wore my New-Zealand hook, it was a birthday gift from my husband. My very first birthday of us together, he hand carved it himself back when he was in New-Zealand on blue jade.

It’s really dear to me, when he gave it to me he said that it was supposed to bring him home, so I’m holding on to it like a treasure.


How do you like my outfit? Are you just like me missing spring and sunshine ?

My next post will be on Thursday with Thrift Style Thursday, and the theme is really exciting “Pinspired New Year”, so see you then .


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Why I thrift and Why everybody should

I have beenthrifting my whole life, and by that I mean I clearly remember mom putting me on a pile of clothes while she goes through every piece of clothing, she’d put me there to hold on to her selected pieces and occasionally check for holes or stains.

What brings me to write about this topic is my love for thrifted goods, that rush of happiness when you find something unique, to me is incomparable. It also helped me grow my own personal style !
So why do I thrift shop ?
  •  well the first and obvious reason is Price. Clothes are so cheap anybody can afford them, this is also a key factor if I want to try a style I’m not sure of and get out of my comfort zone!
  • Uniqueness, I know I don’t like to be dressed as everybody else, I left uniform a long time ago at school or for when I join the army!! so the thrift market gives me what I need. unique one of a kind pieces for me to style as I please .
  •  I like to think that clothes are somewhat alive or at least the material is so I like to take home abandoned beauties and lengthen the life of the clothes. It’s less wasteful especially if I think about leather.
  • Vintage, if I know one thing about fashion is that it keeps going back and forth in trends colors shapes cuts … thrifting shops are the best places to find the coming back trends.
  •  DIYable, pinterest has made us crazy about those easy DIY projects on t-shirt sweaters and what not , I would hunt for some pieces with a diy project in mind and take the chance with a cheap pieces that can’t really be used or that no one would want.
  • It’s therapeutic, maybe just for me I enjoy looking through piles and piles and select what I find to be the best. what’s for sure is it’s fun take a good friend of yours and have a blast.pile of clothes

Do  you thrift too ? I’ll try to upload some of my finds and outfits, feel free to send me some of yours I’m really interested in knowing what good stuff you can find in your thrift shops.

If you’re going to start thrifting here are some guidelines every thrifter should observe :
– Try it on ( wear legging and t-shirt or something that allows you to try clothes   on even if there is no changing room)
– Do you 100% like it if not put it back in its place (I’ve ended up with lots of unwanted items before starting to follow this rule)
– You’ll have to wash clothes before you wear them ( this is a must!)
– read labels if there are any on how to wash and dry clothes.
– bright colors should be washed alone or preferably by hand you never know if the clothes tend to stain or not.
– And most of all have fun.

kiss mark